Mr. Kow Ping
Well Being Digital Ltd.

Kow co-founded Well Being Digital in 2013 to develop physiological sensing technology such as in measuring dynamic heart rate and motion sensing. Since its inception, the company has won multiple industry accolades such as the Best Wearable Mobile Technology Award at Mobile World Congress 2016, the Gold and Special Awards of the 43rd Geneva Inventions Convention, and of course the most recent Best Smart Hong Kong ICT 2016 Grand Prize. The company has licensed its technology to branded earphone makers such as Parrot, Muzik and Beem United and engaged local university professors such as Prof Stanley Hui (CUHK) and Prof CY Tsui (HKUST) as advisors. In addition, the company has also helped fellow start-ups to productize their ideas that are related to human physiological data sensing so as to participate in their success.

Prior to Well Being Digital, Kow has held multiple managerial positions in local and American companies such as Perception Digital, Cornice, Via-Cyrix, National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. Kow obtained his bachelor of applied science degree in computer technology from Nanyang Technological University in May 1993 and have submitted his final dissertation for his Masters of Science degree from Royal Holloway University of London in 2016.