Mr. KK Suen
Chief Architect & Principal Consultant
GS1 Hong Kong

K K Suen joined the GS1 Hong Kong in 1995 with over 20 years of experience in System Development and Consultancy.

As Chief Architect and Principal Consultant of GS1 Hong Kong, Mr. Suen's responsibilities include advising local industries on the application of international Supply Chain Management standards and technologies as well as e-commerce infrastructure. As part of the role, he is responsible for developing and instructing RFID/EPC and EDI/XML/eBusiness training programs and local implementation guidelines to users & service providers.

In 2001, Mr. Suen obtained his Master of Science (Eng) in e-Commerce from the University of Hong Kong. In 2003, he is elected as Vice Chairperson of XML Specialist Group of Hong Kong Computer Society, Vice Chairman of the Retail Technology Industry Association and he is invited as Advisor of XMLCG (XML Coordination Group) of HKSAR Government and he is appointed as an Advisor of the HKSAR Government's XML CG (Coordination Group). In 2004, he is invited as the only Asian representative in the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) of EPCglobal.

With extensive technical and industry knowledge, Mr. Suen is represented at numerous local and international committees including Hong Kong Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee Working Group where he is the convenor for EDI and Security Expert Group, Vice-Chairman of XML/EDI Working Group in AFACT (successor of Asia EDIFACT Board), ISO/SC31, EAN/UCC Global Business Modelling Committee, GS1 Hong Kong Electronic Commerce Users Committee, GS1 Hong Kong EDI Vendor Advisory Sub-Committee, GS1 Hong Kong Apparels Supply Chain Committee, etc.

Before joining the GS1 Hong Kong, Mr. Suen worked for a Hong Kong based software house where he held the position of Project Manager with responsibility for system design and project management.