Mr. David Wong
Project Director
Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory Ltd.

Mr. David Wong is a pearl dealer, a pearl cultivator and an innovator. He has a mission to transform the way people see pearls. He has received numerous recognitions and participated in various public events to share his experiences about his efforts to rejuvenate the traditional industry through technologies.

As a pearl dealer, he actively participates in the cultured pearl industry as a manufacturer and a supplier of pearl nuclei, an exhibitor at the jewellery fairs, and a pearl jewellery retailer.

As a pearl cultivator, he promotes Hong Kong pearls through industrial eco-tourism, a combination of pearl cultivation, environmental conservation, and local tourism.

With the inspirations from technologies, Mr. Wong innovated Metakaku®, which initially imparts a unique identity to each pearl. Combined with the information and communication technologies, each pearl can be traced back to its origin.

Mr. Wong graduated with a bachelor degree in Communications and a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with emphasis in the social and technical aspects of the wireless and communication technologies. After graduation, he worked as a product developer in a company that specialized in the research, development, manufactory, and supply of indoor wireless communication technologies.